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chalutzim o'fo!

hey chalutzim! i was just reading all of these entries and decided that i had to post one. this summer was definetly the best one i've ever had at jacobs. it was so much fun. i became closer to old friends, met new people, and got closer to the people from NFTY that i didn't really know too well. it's amazing how close our unit was and i'm so happy that i was part of it. i talk about camp all the time! i think my friends are getting annoyed. almost everything reminds me of an inside joke, a story, or something we did at camp. i had so much fun, and i wouldn't change anything about it.

that's all for now,...i hope to see everyone at institute! i will be there, but i'm going late because i have something that i need to go to on that saturday morning, but i wouldn't miss it!

i love y'all!
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