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Y'all, I can't even begin to explain how amazing camp was this summer. It was the best summer I have had, by far. For all the whining and complaining we did at the beginning of the session, I have to say I can't remember any of the bad times. The good are all that stick out, and they always will, and every time that I think of camp I will think about Ian asking me what the difference is between Hitler and a gay guy, and his cock a fuckin' doodle doo clock going off at 4:20 in the morning, Jonathon looking so funny on gender bender day, the Yaya's and always being bitchy to Jackson when he wouldn't stop playing his guitar in the Sababa, North Carolina, Ed, GNARLY singing the whole time and every other raft trying to stay away from us, CHIPPPP!, Josh Dinner chasing after the geese, Kay sleeping with her eyes open, Liora's enormous terd that Amy Sherman took a picture of, Maur giving me a high five and saying, "allo?", me and Claire thinking we were the last ones in the group on the bike trip so I stop to go to the bathroom thinking that no one is behind me and David and Maur pull up, Emily's tooth coming out, "oh..MYGAWD!" increasing our numbers from 7 to 20 in North Carolina (honestly, how gross is that? DIRRTTYYY) COLEMAN!!!!, Becky Rich not taking her meds, Avishai and me running around yelling AVIRON, AVIRON when we get back from North Carolina in memory of Josh Dinner, while everyone else is really tired, me talking to Rachel Weiss about how much we miss Josh Dinner and randomly realizing that I just found his shirt on the ground, the talent show!, Erica's obsession with Steve, AK picking his feet, eating cookie dough out of my belly button on bunk night, me and Karen trying to play capture the flag, the dirrty leprachauns, Rachel and Leah's long hair that covers so much, Zoe ain't yo dawg, Becky trying to sort her laundry and having the biggest fight ever in our cabin where Lorna is yelling at the top of her lungs, "JUST LET BECKY GET ON HER BED AND GET HER SHIT!," Dafna randomly finding a little..statue? that says "WE'RE ALL NUTS" in her backpack, Justin in his thong, Haley just being the cutest everrrr....Karen Simon who is my life and always will be. Ahhh I could go on for so long, there is not one person in our unit who I didn't love so much, and I could tell you so many things about each and every person. I love y'all all so much, please go to Israel or at least come back for Machon! Thank you for the best summer ever! CHALUTZIM O' FO FOR LIFE!!
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